7 Best Toilet Safety Rails (Reviews & Top Picks 2020)

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Have you had chronological arthritis, imbalance, or wound afflictions?

If you have been and can’t even use your toilet peacefully, then you should make no delay to purchase a Best Toilet Safety Rail. When you start to use this rail, you will realize it’s not just a stand, it’s a true helping hand.

If you are physically hundred percent fit, you will be wondered why I am saying this. Well, dude, you will never understand how much pain a long time sufferer of chronological arthritis patient had to go through.

Toilet safety rail also known as bathroom care frames are another name of safety to the impaired, injured, arthritic, and older people. These tools help the previously cited diseased people to use toilet comfortably without losing balance.

For Whom Toilet Safety Rail Designed 

As we mention earlier that toilet rails free standing are great helping hands. Let’s for whom the product is designed

  • To those who have been long-time sufferers of various muscle and bone related issues.
  • If you are also a patient of such diseases that inhibit you to sit down on your toilet seat and get up from it.
  • To those who are physically imbalanced.
  • Especially perfect for Elderly people.

Top Picks Best Toilet Safety Rails Comparison

More than anything, safety is the core thing. We considered the graveness of the fact and so spent many hours on listing the most featured and comfortable toilet support rails. Therefore, we found out some of the best that we have tried to present in this article.

We highly recommended you either to scan the entire article or to check the comparison table to find out the best one for you or any of your acquaintances.



Weight capacity

Key Features


Medline Toilet Safety Rails


Offers wider space,
cozy position,
better grip, and armrest,
ideal for back pain

Drive Medical Stand Alone Toilet Safety Rail


Flexible with both standard and extended seat offers magazine rack, anti-slip, and padded armrest

Stand Alone Toilet Rail by Vive

300 pounds

Supports disabled to sit and stand, anti-slip and anti-corrosive frame, and padded handles

Toilet Safety Frame by Vive

300 pounds

Offers slip-resistant long lasting service, flexible handles, and germ-free frame

Windsor Portable Toilet Safety Frame


Adjustable to toilet and chair, fits all types of toilets, easily portable, and assembled structure

Drive Medical Toilet Safety Rail


Flexible width, padded handles, and perfect for most of the toilets

Vaunn Medical Toilet Safety Rail


E-Z Lock
Slip and bacteria resistant, lightweight, and paddle locking

Best Toilet Safety Rail Reviews

1. Medline Toilet Safety Rails

Medline Toilet Safety Rails

If you are willing for enjoying a most comfortable toilet use, then you must have this Medline toilet safety rail. Its handles are easily flexible. Also, can be rotated back that will offer you a wide-ranging room for a safe and comfortable position.

Apart from that, the height is easily adaptable from 26’’ to 31’’ that provides you with a standard bathroom seat. The entire adjustment features are compatible with 250 lbs. Besides this, the armrests are filled with cell foam. As a result, you can have a better grip and enjoy a comfortable arm position.

Nonetheless, you can easily wash the entire aluminum structure for keeping it germ-free. Additionally, the construction material- aluminum is sturdy and long-going. So, you don’t have to be worried for replacement so soon! It assures you not only the capability but also the durability.

What we liked

  • Takes up to 250lbs
  • Supportive for the back problem
  • Requires small space to be set
  • Easy to install

What we didn't like

  • May wobble from left–right
  • Handles are not tight enough

2. Drive Medical Stand Alone Toilet Safety Rail

Drive Medical Stand Alone Toilet Safety Rail

Turn your dull toilet moment into fun with Drive Medical Safety Rail.

Have you ever thought that you could have entertainment while using the toilet? If you haven’t, then this ‘Drive Medical Stand Alone Toilet Safety Rail’ is undoubtedly capable of effacing your doubt.

This sophisticated toilet rail does not only provide support for the disabled but also comes with a side magazine shelf where you can keep your favorite books or magazines to pass the time.

Also, you can assemble the entire structure for you very quickly without any extra tool. After joining, it can be set around the commode to fit with seat both regular and extended sized. You can also have sufficient height and width to sit securely and cozily.

In a nutshell, the rail has padded armrests that give your arms immense comfort and help you to make a secure grip.

What we liked

  • Bears up to 300lbs
  • Flexible with both average and lengthy seat
  • Available magazine shelf
  • Padded Armrests
  • Slippery resistant

What we didn't like

  • Four rubber caps might need to be used to resist sliding
  • wobbling on linoleum surface

3. Stand Alone Toilet Rail by Vive

Stand Alone Toilet Rail by Vive

Are any of your family members recovering from injury or surgery?

This vive toilet safety rail is perfect for you if you are over aged or disabled or getting well from surgery or injury. That why we choose it as our top. Once you start to use this, you will realize why we recommend this.

It can protect you from slipping and falling that could be a reason for your stroke. The rail can support 300 pounds easily.

Meanwhile, the handle of this rail is padded with soft foam so that you can have a comfortable standing. And enjoy the non-slip grip while sitting or standing. Besides, you can also clean both the frame and handles with a germ-free solution. It assures you no risk of side-effect. No harm could be caused by touching the germ-full handles.

Despite all these features, you can even assemble the rail easily that requires no extra tool. Also, it is corrosion free that ensures you long-lasting use. Additionally, the entire frame is so lightweight that you can effortlessly carry it anywhere you want. So don’t feel hesitate to visit friends and relatives.

What we liked

  • Very sturdy
  • Slippery and corrosion resistant
  • Perfect for small toilets
  • Can be an excellent alternative as a kitchen chair

What we didn't like

  • The height of the rail could be a bit taller

4. Toilet Safety Frame by Vive

Toilet Safety Frame by Vive

This charismatic Vive Toilet Safety Frame is simply mind-blowing.

The features and qualities of this excellent ‘Toilet Safety Frame’ are quite similar to those of the product discussed at the beginning. Firstly, aluminum is the construction material of this frame/ thus, is lightweight enough for you to carry and durable enough to use for many years.

The feature we liked most about this frame that it can take the load of 300 pounds. Meanwhile, it resists accidental slipping and falling that can cause you more afflictions. You can also fit it to any sized toilet seat.

Another Advantage is, the rail has flexible handles expanded with soft rubber so that you can have a non-slip and comfortable grip. The breadth of the handles is also adjustable from 17’’ to 20’’ that is sufficient space for relaxed sitting. Moreover, you can assemble it very fast without using any other device.

Above all, you are allowed to make the entire structure germ free by cleaning it from tail to head. Additionally, it assures you long-lasting use as aluminum is erosion free.

What we liked

  • Offers a safe grip
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Easy installation
  • Fits any toilet seat

What we didn't like

  • Screws are slightly shorter
  • May wobble if it placed wrongly

5. Windsor Portable Toilet Safety Frame

Windsor Portable Toilet Safety Frame

Had to modify the toilet for extra support which gives a terrible look in the bathroom? It’s pretty annoying, isn’t it?

No need to modify, all you need is to place this portable Windsor Portable Toilet Safety Frame on your bathroom. In the opinion of the users, it is an ideal toilet safety rail that is highly supportive for sitting down and standing from the seat.

If you are a frugal person who is much concern about saving money, then you must have this one as you do not need to fix to the floor like the typical ones

spending more. Then, the paddles of the folding foot are mechanized in such a way that your overweight cannot move the frame even a millimeter. Consequently, you have no chance of slipping.

Furthermore, the outstandingly designed armrests are capable of helping you to stand and sit with greater comfort. Moreover, the frame has a height changing mechanism that can help you to set it to any toilet. You don’t need to transform your toilet for its installation; because it is entirely flexible and foldable.

What we liked

  • Flexible to 350lbs
  • Easily portable to anywhere
  • Comes as completely assembled
  • Flexible both with toilet and chair
  • Suitable for all types of toilets

What we didn't like

  • A bit narrow for few users
  • The blackstrap could be thinner

6. Drive Medical Toilet Safety Rail

Drive Medical Toilet Safety Rail

Without any doubt, the Drive Medical Toilet Safety Rail is a true name of comfort.

If you are wondering why we are recommending the rail of this particular company, kindly go through the section below.

The toilet support rail can bear up to 300lbs. So don’t worry if you are or the person for whom you will buy is over weighty. Then, the rail is easy to carry and install. Meanwhile, you don’t need any extra tool to assemble its parts.

Besides, the handles are padded with soft foam, which is beneficial for your armrest. The breadth of the handles is also adjustable that creates enough space for you to sit comfortably. Moreover, you can fit the frame to most of the toilets.

What we liked

  • Cares for armrest
  • Easily cleanable
  • Very sturdy, thus durable

What we didn't like

  • Placing the front bar beneath the seat is obligatory
  • Not flexible with expanded toilet

7. Vaunn Medical Toilet Safety Rail

Vaunn Medical Toilet Safety Rail

When you think to purchase a rail, definitely you need something for more safety. Then this Vaunn Medical Toilet Safety Rail is the best solution for you.

This excellent toilet safety rail is designed for helping individuals with sitting and bending complications. Therefore, it has an exclusive ergonomic design that enhances the height and width of your toilet chair. Eventually, you can sit and stand without any more pain.

There is also a slip-resistant feature and locking device that protect you from falling off the seat.   Besides, the handles are padded and have smooth edges so that you can sit with much relaxation.

At the same time, the frame is lightweight enough to carry effortlessly. Moreover, you don’t need any additional tool to assemble the parts.

Then, high quality and bacteria-resistant heavy duty cast plastic is the main construction ingredient of the entire structure, and so it guarantees you the highest durability. Additionally, its anti-bacterial material and easily cleanable feature help you to stay away from various deadly germs.   

What we liked

  • Bears up to 300lbs
  • Slip and bacteria resistant
  • Locks the paddles
  • Easily assemble able and cleanable
  • Lightweight

What we didn't like

  • A bit narrow rear side
  • Works better with certain types of toilets

what to consider Before buying a toilet safety rail

To purchase a rail, you have to spend a decent amount of money, isn’t it? So before putting down that bucks on a poor rail which is good for nothing, check out some factor which is matter. Here follow a list of important factors that you are to keep in mind while purchasing a rail.

Weight capacity: First And Foremost, Check the weight bearing capacity of your chosen one. Try to match the weight of you or the person for whom you are buying, with the rail’s ability. If the weight capacity of the rail is less than your weight, you shouldn’t buy it.

• Slippery or not: If there is an available anti-slip feature in the rail, you can buy it. Otherwise, avoid it as serious physical problems might be caused to the user in the absence of this unique feature.

• Armrest : Inspect whether the armrest is padded or not. If it is, you should buy the rail. Moreover, you should also give importance to the adjustability of it. The more adjustable it is, the better it is.

• Assembling method: Are you willing to take extra afflictions while assembling the frame? We think you aren’t. Then, buy the rail that doesn’t require you any additional device to join its parts.

 Portability: Though, it is also an obligatory matter, yet you should give less importance to it. If you find the above-discussed factors in any rail, then you can even avoid this point.

So, these are the crucial factors you need to consider as a buyer. To avoid hesitation in buying a better one, you should try any of the toilet rails free standing.

How to correctly assemble a toilet safety rail?

Different toilet safety rails have different approaches for assembling the parts. In such case, you can read the manual book or seek help from the sellers.

However, you can follow the link to watch live how to assemble the parts in general: 

Benefits Of Using The Toilet Safety Rail

As a serious or minor patient of arthritis, waist pain, surgery, broken bone, and muscle pain you might experience immense or slight afflictions while using the toilet. But the moment you start using any of the best toilet safety frames, you will experience no such pain, neither to sit down nor to get up.

More than anything, your injured point will heal soon as it will stop getting hurt like before during your use of the toilet.

Things to Be Careful Of While Using A Toilet Safety Rail

Before using a toilet safety rail, make sure that you have assembled the parts of it tightly. Then, you should check the stability of the installed rail. If you feel that the rail is slightly wobbling, don’t add four rubber caps to the end of the four legs of it.

However, you may follow this guideline or not, but we recommend you to follow it strictly. Otherwise, you may slip or fall causing yourself a more severe injury.

Final Thoughts

To wrap up the Toilet Safety Rail Reviews, we could say superb toilet safety rail allow you to be tension free and travel with it anywhere!

Finally, we think, by this time, you might have been aware of the pros and cons of different types of toilet safety rail. You might have already planned to buy one for you or any of your near and dear. We highly recommend Stand Alone Toilet Rail by Vive as it comes with some tremendous features which ensure full safety.

Whatever your decision is, it is not our concern; instead, we have concern only for your safety and coziness. Hence, we humbly request and recommend you to have any of the best toilet safety frames that we have presented to you so far. The reason behind this is, only these can meet each criterion for your protection and relaxation. So grab one of them and enjoy an independent life.