How to Install A New Bathroom Exhaust Fan Without Attic Access

Your bathroom requires adequate ventilation to get rid of foul odors. Although it is recommended that you use a window for ventilation, it might not give the best results. That’s why you need to install a fan for this task. A bathroom exhaust fan protects the walls, framing and cabinets from mildew and rot. It also improves air quality. When installing a new bathroom exhaust fan, it’s always easier if you have access to the attic. But it’s always not the case. The good news is that although it’s easier … Continue

Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans with Bluetooth Speaker – 4 Trending Options to Buy

Do you like listening to music or soothing sounds while taking a shower? If so, you don’t need to bring your mobile phone or other audio device to your bathroom and risk getting them wet. Yes, you heard it right! Just get the bath fan with Bluetooth speaker and keep your bathroom moisture-free while enjoying your favorite music or podcasts! That’s where the magic of having the Bluetooth-enabled bath exhaust fans come in. But what would be the best bathroom exhaust fan with Bluetooth speaker right now? Surprisingly, there aren’t … Continue

5 Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans with Heater 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

Bathroom exhaust fans with inbuilt heater have their advantages over your typical vent fan. First – it’ll keep you warm by taking away the chill leaving your warm bath or shower. Second – It’ll save the cost of installing separate heat sources in your bathroom. Third– It’ll help your bathroom ceiling look spacious and neat. These are the main reasons that can attract a lot of people to take a look at the heater exhaust fan. However, there is a challenge while choosing the best bathroom exhaust fans with heater. … Continue

6 Top Quiet Bathroom Exhaust Fans 2021 – Reviews & Comprehensive Guide

Do you love to enjoy yourself while in the shower or tub? But tired of hearing the loud noise of your bath vent fan? Looking for something that’s both efficient to remove all humidity from the bathroom and not so loud? Thankfully, a quiet bath fan can undoubtedly do the trick! In this article, we’ve shortlisted 6 best quiet bathroom exhaust fans that strike a good balance between efficiency and noise rating. Go through our in-depth quiet bathroom exhaust fan review. We hope you’ll find the right one to meet … Continue

7 Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans with Humidity Sensor in 2021

A musty smell? Mold or mildew? Or splitting of laminated plywood vanities in your bathroom? Then, a bath fan with a humidity sensor is a great way to automatically remove moisture from your bath spaces and keep these issues in check. If you’ve landed this page, you’re probably trying to find out the best bathroom exhaust fans with humidity sensor. And if that’s the case, then this humidity sensing bathroom fan reviews can help you! Bathroom Exhaust Fans with Humidity Sensor – Quick Comparison Don’t you have time to dive … Continue

10 Best Shower Faucets of 2021 Review

There is nothing as devastating as having a low standard showering experience. As a result, while remodeling, repairing or building your bathroom, you should consider investing in one of the best shower faucets. these are shower fixtures that determine your entire bathing experience. This is because of their valves, which control the water pressure and temperature. They come in different sizes and designs hence the need it is essential to scroll down and check out some of the top shower faucet reviews that we have compiled for you. Our Top … Continue

6 Best Upflush (Macerating) Toilets – (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2021)

Is your bathroom located in a space that lacks necessary plumbing? If yes, consider buying a top Upflush Toilet which is also known as the macerating toilets, these are unique machines designed to eliminate human waste using an upward flush mechanism. It is, therefore, perfect for toilets whose macerator has broken down. It also promotes less damage to the drainage system and pumps. The only problem comes when one wants to purchase the best macerator toilet is that they are difficult to find. In recognition of this, we got our … Continue

6 Best Soft Toilet Seats – (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2021)

Among the essential features to consider when buying a toilet is the seat. Toilet seats should be comfortable. Unfortunately, not all toilet seats are well designed. Some offer a cold and relatively hard surface. As a result, most settle for less than the best soft toilet seats.  Soft seats are important; they are perfect for the elderly, children, and persons experiencing pain while using traditional seats. They are also stylish and add a bit of modern luxury to your bathroom. To help you select the perfect toilet seat, we came … Continue

7 Best Compact Toilets for Small Bathrooms of 2021 Review

Different research indicates that a person, on an average, spends three years of their life span sitting on a toilet as a part of daily life. With this in mind, it is necessary to pick the right toilet for your house. The only problem comes when you want to buy the best compact toilet for a small bathroom. The best suited toilets are the elongated-shaped-bowl and the rounded-shaped- bowl toilets. Naturally, elongated-shaped-bowl toilets are more convenient for the large size toilets. The current ADA legislation is influencing the construction of … Continue

5 Best Wall Mounted Toilets of 2021 Review

When it comes to saving space, a lot of people prefer the compact toilet and corner toilet. Surprisingly, one can achieve the same objective using the best wall mounted toilets. Notably, these toilets enable the user to save as much as 10 inches by propping the tank on the wall. If this occurs, not only will your bathroom look bigger. It will also have sufficient storage space. Doesn’t this make you want to purchase a floating toilet? If yes, read the Top 5 wall hung toilet reviews & Buying Guides. … Continue

7 Best over the Toilet Storage Cabinets of 2021 Review

Do you have unused space over your toilet? Do you feel this ardently that this space be filled with toiletries and essentials organized in shelves? For your information, over the commode cabinet is a piece of simple furniture that can serve this purpose and relieve you of your clumsier toilet decorations. Got any clue of what I am referring too? YES, this is a storage cabinet to place in the wall above your toilet or elsewhere in the bathroom. But you need to find the over the toilet storage cabinet … Continue

7 Best Toilet Handles of 2021 Review

Have you ever had the bad experience of being unable to flush your toilet properly due to its broken handle? Not surprising!!! Your toilet handle is as important as the whole toilet itself. It’s integral to the function of the toilet. But it’s annoyingly enough, some manufacturers design a water closet system and peg their prices at the mid-level range, but they end up using a mediocre handle. This is the reason why a lot of people happen to find themselves with a damaged toilet handle after a few months … Continue

7 Best Toilet Flush Valves in 2021 Review and Top Picks

Fed up with the flush valve that works like a toy? Or getting tired of poor quality valves that waste a senseless amount of water? Then you have come to the right place. Today, we are going to talk about the best toilet flush valve of our time. A poor flush valve can turn your life into a nightmare. Picking a good quality flush valve is so important to save tons of water annually. In this review, we discuss the top rated 7 flush valves that have innovative features with … Continue

7 Best Toilet Safety Rails of 2021 Review

Have you had chronological arthritis, imbalance, or wound afflictions? If you have been and can’t even use your toilet peacefully, then you should make no delay to purchase a Best Toilet Safety Rail. When you start to use this rail, you will realize it’s not just a stand, it’s a true helping hand. If you are physically hundred percent fit, you will be wondered why I am saying this. Well, dude, you will never understand how much pain a long time sufferer of chronological arthritis patient had to go through. … Continue

6 Best Toilet Fill Valves 2021 – Upgrade Reviews & Guides

Feeling annoyed with leaky, noisy or broken toilet fill valve? We guess, “YES”! as you’re here. You know, a leaking toilet- increases water usage waste hundreds of gallons of water every day increases water utility bill that this may result in. Right? Although there are several reasons for the toilet’s leakage, the commonest one is the faulty toilet fill valve. Hence, you can realize how important it is to replace the defective toilet fill valve or upgrade the old one before it fails. So, why not have the best toilet … Continue